Britney Spears – Best Singer of 1990s

Britney Spears is undoubtedly a name everybody heard of since the 1990s. She has been one of the most successful solo singers in the world of pop music. She is famous for having revived teen pop. Best selling teenage artist, Princess of Pop, she was constantly exposed, surrounded by the flashbulbs of the paparazzi and aim of never-ending disapproving comments from any fan about anything from her fashion choices through her personal life and how she dealt with it, to the unavoidable emotional consequences of both overwhelming fame from very early age and not-so-lucky romantic life.

In all this chaos she never forgot what was the most important thing: her music. She has reasons to celebrate: she was granted A Grammy Award, six MTV Video Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards and a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 7 of her albums made it to Top 10, 23 of her singles were in the Top 20, 6 of them made it Number 1. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Britney Spears Story and Background

Born in 1991 in McComb, Mississippi to a family of three, already as a small child Britney showed interest in singing and dancing. She preferred to perform in front of her mother’s visits or act that she’s participating in a music competition, rather than play with other children. At the age of 11 she starred in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club and Casino zonder Cruks.

“We had an amazing, amazing time; we got to sing and dance and do everything,” she later explained to Hollywood Reporter. After the show was cancelled, Britney chose to fully focus on her solo musical career. “…Baby One More Time” was her first single released after signing a contract with Jive Records.

As her career was growing at an incredible speed, her personal life was becoming more and more exposed rumoured about. She dated Justin Timberlake; was married for two days to her childhood friend Jason Alexander; later went on marrying an addicted to jackpot slots online backup dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she had two sons.

They divorced and went through a very difficult legal battle over the custody, which Britney lost. She suffered several years of episodes of depression and nervous break downs, got entangled with addictions, went in and out of rehab centres, gained weight, her career suffered, her father became her legal guardian, … And then she re-bounced. She came back with “Famme Fatale” in 2011. Got engaged again and split up two years later.

In 2012 Britney joined panel of judges of The X-Factor, a popular singing competition show. In 2013 she began her 4-years residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Britney Dance Show

Britney Spears Music and Albums

Described by the music critics as the most gifted teenage talent in many years, Britney wanted so much more. She was aiming to become a superstar of the same level as Madonna and Janet Jackson. Her music has been described as “blend of infectious, rap-inflected dance-pop and smooth balladry.”

She worked with several R&B producers. Electropop, dance music, urban and hip hop, dubstep, raga – all these genres have been incorporated to certain extant and experimented with in her musical creations. Britney’s voice has been shaped in a month in the very beginning of her career whilst working on her debut album. She has a soprano vocal range of three octaves and two notes. Her ability to express, her convincing delivery, presence and commitment are highly acclaimed by the critics.

Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Madonna, amongst others, have been major influences and artists Spears looked up to. She joined Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot during the opening of the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. During this performance, Madonna kissed Britney and Christina Aguilera on the lips, which later was described as one of the 25 sexiest music moments in the history.

Britney Spears also appeared in a duo with Michael Jackson at his 30th anniversary concert, performing “The Way You Make Me Feel”. So far, the artist produced 9 albums, which we’ll discuss later on.